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AMME Invited Lectures Plenary Session I
WAMME Prof. J. Adamczyk, Prof. B. Tomov and Prof. J. Shalapko Awards Handing Ceremony
2017-10-23 15:00-16:30 Congress Room B
1 - Crack resistance of tool steels corresponding with the chemical composition of their matrices (Award lecture) (1.43)
Pacyna J. (Cracow, Poland)
Speaker: J. Pacyna (Cracow, Poland)
2 - Atom dynamics and structure of glassy alloys (Ni0.60Nb0.4)100-xZrx (x=0 to 30) by neutron spectroscopy and X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy studies (1.16)
Sarker S. (Reno, United States of America), Chandra D. (Reno, United States of America)
Speaker: D. Chandra (Reno, United States of America)
3 - Grain refinement and post processing surface modification in hydrostatycally extruded stainless steel (1.18)
Lewandowska M. (Warsaw, Poland), Krawczynska A.T. (Warsaw, Poland), Sitek R. (Warsaw, Poland)
Speaker: M. Lewandowska (Warsaw, Poland)
4 - The new carbon-rhenium nanomaterials (Award Lecture) (1.65)
Wolany W. (Gliwice, Poland), Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz A. (Gliwice, Poland)
Speaker: W. Wolany (Gliwice, Poland)
5 - Composite materials produced by hybride technology of the selective laser sintering and pressure infiltration (Award lecture) (1.64)
Achtelik-Frączak A. (Gliwice, Poland), Dobrzański L.A. (Gliwice, Poland)
Speaker: A. Achtelik-Frączak (Gliwice, Poland)
6 - Why stainless steels are continuously interesting for science and engineering (Award lecture) (1.60)
Brytan Z. (Gliwice, Poland)
Speaker: Z. Brytan (Gliwice, Poland)
AMME Invited Lectures Plenary Session II 2017-10-24 09:00-10:45 Congress Room B
1 - New NDT methods for assessing the quality of polymer composites under production conditions (Award lecture) (1.61)
Nowacki J. (Szczecin, Poland), Sieczkiewicz N. (Szczecin, Poland)
Speaker: J. Nowacki (Szczecin, Poland)
2 - About weldability and welding of Al alloys: case study and problem solving (Award lecture) (1.22)
Fracchia E. (Torino, Italy), Gobber F. (Torino, Italy), Rosso M.R. (Torino, Italy)
Speaker: M.R. Rosso (Torino, Italy)
3 - Ni-based complex phase alloy for high temperature aplications (Award lecture) (1.52)
Bała P. (Kraków, Poland)
Speaker: P. Bała (Kraków, Poland)
4 - Mathematical modeling of thermal processing of metal alloys (1.44)
Smoljan B. (Rijeka, Croatia), Iljkic D. (Rijeka, Croatia), Smokvina Hanza S. (Rijeka, Croatia), Stic L. (Rijeka, Croatia), Boric A. (Rijeka, Croatia)
Speaker: B. Smoljan (Rijeka, Croatia)
5 - High strength steels and aluminium alloys in lightweight body manufacturing (1.38)
Tisza M. (Miskolc, Hungary)
Speaker: M. Tisza (Miskolc, Hungary)
6 - Investigations of the joint properties of the friction welding of aluminum alloy tube to tube plate using an external tool (1.14)
Korkmaz E. (Denizli, Turkey), Gülsöz A. (Denizli, Turkey), Meran C. (Denizli, Turkey)
Speaker: C. Meran (Denizli, Turkey)
7 - Fatigue crack growth resistance of welded joints simulating the weld-repaired railway wheels metal (Award lecture) (1.21)
Ostash O.P. (Lviv, Ukraine), Kulyk V.V. (Lviv, Ukraine), Poznyakov V.D. (Kyiv, Ukraine), Haivorons’kyi O.A. (Kyiv, Ukraine), Markashova L.І. (Kyiv, Ukraine),
Vira V.V. (Lviv, Ukraine), Duriagina Z.A. (Lviv, Ukraine), Tepla T.L. (Lviv, Ukraine)
Speaker: Z.A. Duriagina (Lviv, Ukraine)
AMME Invited Lectures Plenary Session III 2017-10-24 11:15-13:00 Congress Room B
1 - Notch Sensitivity Index of Materials and Crack Sensitivity Index of Components (1.71)
Toth L. (Miskolc, Hungary)
Speaker: L. Toth (Miskolc, Hungary)
2 - Methods of data mining for modelling of low-pressure heat treatment (Award lecture) (1.59)
Wołowiec-Korecka E. (Lodz, Poland)
Speaker: E. Wołowiec-Korecka (Lodz, Poland)
3 - Development and manufacturing of customized milling cutters for individual tool-making industry (1.29)
Kopač J.K. (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Pušavec F.P. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Speaker: J.K. Kopač (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
4 - Carbon based coatings for applications in friction couples with cearing cteel and cluminium alloy (1.31)
Makowka M. (Lodz, Poland), Wendler B.G. (Lodz, Poland)
Speaker: B.G. Wendler (Lodz, Poland)
5 - Zeolitization characteristics of fly ash and its use to manufacture porous materials (1.26)
David E. (Rm. Valcea, Romania), Şandru C. (Rm. Valcea, Romania), Armeanu A. (Rm. Valcea, Romania)
Speaker: E. David (Rm. Valcea, Romania)
6 - Computer aided design in maxillo-facial surgery (1.63)
Malara P. (Gliwice, Poland), Dobrzański L.B. (Gliwice, Poland)
Speaker: P. Malara (Gliwice, Poland)
7 - TiB/TiSiC multilayer deposited on steel substrates by PLD method (1.40)
Twardowska A. (Kraków, Poland)
Speaker: A. Twardowska (Kraków, Poland)
AMME Invited Lectures Plenary Session IV 2017-10-24 15:00-16:45 Congress Room B
1 - Control of the weld quality using infrared sensors in a robotic welding process (1.20)
Park M.H. (Muan-Gun, South Korea), Jin B.J. (Muan-Gun, South Korea), Yun T.J. (Muan-Gun, South Korea), Son J.S (Yeongam, South Korea), Kim C.G. (Muan-gun, South Korea),
Kim I.S. (Muan-Gun, South Korea)
Speaker: C.G. Kim (Muan-gun, South Korea)
2 - Dominant role of the columnar structure in the brass ingots continuous casting (1.46)
Wołczyński W. (Krakow, Poland), Kwapisiński P. (Lubin, Poland), Ivanova A.A. (Donetsk, Poland), Olejnik E. (Krakow, Poland)
Speaker: W. Wołczyński (Krakow, Poland)
3 - Applicability of friction stir welding to steels (1.7)
Cam G. (Iskenderun-Hatay, Turkey), Ipekoglu G. (Iskenderun-Hatay, Turkey), Küçükömeroğlu T. (Trabzon, Turkey), Aktarer S.M. (Rize, Turkey)
Speaker: G. Cam (Iskenderun-Hatay, Turkey)
4 - Effect of Combinative Cooled Addition of Strontium and Aluminium on Mechanical Properties AlSi12 Alloy (1.36)
Lipinski T.L. (Olsztyn, Poland)
Speaker: T.L. Lipinski (Olsztyn, Poland)
5 - Composite material components damaged by impact loading: a methodology for the assessment of their residual elastic properties (1.23)
Belingardi G. (Torino, Italy), Cavatorta M.P. (Torino, Italy), Paolino D.S. (Torino, Italy)
Speaker: G. Belingardi (Torino, Italy)
6 - High performance thin-film Li-ion microbatteries (1.47)
Djenizian T. (Gardanne, France)
Speaker: T. Djenizian (Gardanne, France)
7 - Microstructure, microhardness and tensile properties of FSWed DP 800 steel (1.27)
Küçükömeroğlu T. (Trabzon, Turkey), Aktarer S.M. (Rize, Turkey)
Speaker: T. Küçükömeroğlu (Trabzon, Turkey)
AMME Invited Lectures Plenary Session V 2017-10-24 17:15-19:00 Congress Room B
1 - Development of ice abrasive waterjet cutting technology (1.2)
Valentinčič J. (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Lebar A. (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Sabotin I. (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Drešar P. (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Jerman M. (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Speaker: J. Valentinčič (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
2 - The effect of welding defects to the tensile behavior in corrosive environment of AISI 304L stainless steel joined with shielded metal electrode (1.45)
Türkan M. (Denizli, Turkey), Karakaş Ö. (Denizli, Turkey)
Speaker: Ö. Karakaş (Denizli, Turkey)
3 - Fluxon dynamics in the curved Josephson junction (1.28)
Jarmolinski A. (Kraków, Poland), Dobrowolski T. (Kraków, Poland)
Speaker: T. Dobrowolski (Kraków, Poland)
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